What are the different types of bonds

What Does It Mean to Be a Bonded Cleaning Company?

Hiring a cleaning company is a seemingly easy task – all you have to do is go online, find a cleaning company near your home in Fort Collins, dial the number and schedule a cleaning. Voila – you’re one step closer to a clean, fresh, and healthy home. But, is it really that simple? Is that really all it takes to ensure your home gets the treatment it deserves?

Unfortunately, it is not. While it would be great if all cleaning companies shared the same level of dedication and professionalism, that is simply not the case. Picking a reputable cleaning company among the many unprofessional ones is a difficult job, and it requires paying attention to numerous details. One of those details refers to the fact that you should only hire cleaners that are insured and bonded. But, what does that mean exactly? We’re about to find out!

What are the different types of bonds?

When it comes to the fact that a cleaning company is bonded, that’s great – you should only go for professionals that have the right licenses, insurance, and bonds. However, there are two different kinds of bonds that actually mean different things. Let’s see what they are.

Fidelity bond

This is known as an “feel good” bond because it essentially just reassures the client that if there were ever an instance of theft inside their home, they would be protected. There is a caveat that there would need to be a trial and a guilty sentence for this bond to take effect.

Since most thefts are not required to go to trial, the bond is actually less important than many people think and you should perhaps keep looking if your cleaning company has this bond in effect.

Surety bond

This type of bond is known as a “performance” bond. This bond just lets the client know that if there were ever an issue where the job was not being completed as promised, they would have the opportunity to contact the business’ insurance company so that they could be reimbursed to use the funds to hire another company to complete the job properly without being out any money. This kind of bond does ensure that the cleaning will get done, but little else besides that.

Is it more important for a cleaning company to be bonded or insured?

It would seem that the important part of the term “bonded and Insured” does actually appear to be the latter. However, when searching for a cleaning service it is definitely important to find a company that takes that extra step to bond themselves.

While it might not actually make the world of difference, it is always reassuring, not to mention professional, to have a backup plan you can fall back on in case it turns out your expert cleaners were not so expert after all.

What is the leading bonded & insured cleaning company in Fort Collins?

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