The Real Dirt on Mud Control

Whether it’s the dog, the kids, or the overgrown kids, here’s the real dirt on mud control.

With two boys, a big clumsy dog, and a husband with size 15 shoes, this wet spring weather is driving me CRAZY with all the mud being tracked into my house! Obviously, the best way to keep the mud out is to have everyone take their shoes off when entering the home, but if your family is anything like mine, accidents happen all the time!

For when they do, here’s the way the All-Stars handle the mess.

  • Remember that mud is essentially just dirt and water- once it dries, your normal vacuum cleaner will be the best way to pick it up.
  • For mud in carpet, allow it to dry and then make slow overlapping passes with your vacuum.
  • Trying to mop up mud while it’s still wet may scratch wood floors so it really is best to wait for it to dry!
  • However, if you’re anything like me, it’s hard to wait and sometimes you just have to clean it up. If you must, use a soft cotton mop and rinse it out regularly!