5 Ways to Live Neatly in a Messy Household

You’ve got one kid leaping off the couch Superman style with a makeshift towel cape around his neck, and a tiny ballerina dancing on top of chocolate syrup in what you’re hoping is not your $200 pair of Tieks.  So, your house is a little hectic?  (To say the least.)

Here are 5 surefire ways to live neatly around the mess of your household.


With a house full of rooms, you sometimes have to pick your battles.  Which rooms do you want to keep clean, and which rooms can be a little more relaxed?  Maybe make the rule that the kids’ bedrooms need to stay picked up, but the playroom can be a haven of creativity.  The kitchen is a great room to keep clean because it makes the whole house feel cleaner.  It’s fine for your house to feel lived-in, but you probably don’t want to let it start to feel unlivable.

Set aside one room as a “junk-free” zone.

Normally the living room is the one room in the house where junk just seems to accumulate out of nowhere.  Discarded backpacks, laptop cases, and art projects seem to overflow from every surface of the room.  Transforming your living room into a junk-free zone will not only give you a quiet oasis to retreat to when things start to get hectic around the house, but it will also give you a guaranteed clean room to bring anyone who drops by unexpectedly.

Stay encouraged.

We all have those crazy days when we don’t feel like doing anything. It’s fine to have one of those days, you just wouldn’t want to have one of those months.  Don’t get discouraged by the days that you don’t accomplish as much as you had liked.  Stay encouraged by the days that you rock that to-do list!

Delegate and train the troops.

It’s never too early to teach kids the importance of keeping things picked up.  You don’t have to have 24/7 worker bees, there is some truth to letting kids be kids, but it is a great feeling when you know that you showed your kids the importance of pulling their own weight.  (Their future biology lab partner will thank you.)

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

Keeping a clean house isn’t something that you have to take on all by yourself.  Let a Fort Collins maid service take care of the dirty work for you!  Asking for help doesn’t mean that you can’t handle things on your own; it just means that you embrace the fact that you’d rather spend your valuable free time with your family than cleaning.

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How do you live neatly in a messy household?  Leave us a comment to let us know!