Grime, Gunk and Goo! The 5 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Most people enjoying living in clean and sanitary environments and want to keep their homes as germ-free as possible but bacteria can spread rapidly and invade all the areas of a tidy home.

Germs are bad because they can make us sick and can even mutate into all sorts of viruses. Fear not, there’s a solution to the germ takeover and it starts with disinfecting and cleaning areas regularly. Our qualified maid service team in Fort Collins and Loveland in Colorado can help get your home refreshed and revitalized with a reduction in germs. Contact our housecleaning team at All Star Cleaning Services for a free quote!

Here are the five dirtiest places in your home to focus your cleaning efforts on:

1.) Kitchen

A place to savor culinary delights and good conversation, the kitchen is the epicenter of germs. Dish towels and sponges that are moist and used frequently are danger germ zones. Also, the faucet, countertops and refrigerator door handles and cabinet knobs can house bacteria.

2.) Switches

Whether it’s a light switch, a phone switch or a switch on the remote, buttons and doorknobs can be germ magnets.

3.) Laundry Bins

An overloaded hamper or a full washer of sitting clothes is bound to be a germy area; any spot where laundry lives can be full of ghastly grime.

4.) Office Space

Electronics like computers harbor germs galore and desks, phones and keyboards are also laden with bacteria. In fact, a BBC study in 2004 found that an office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

5.) Bathroom Break

Maintaining clean bathrooms can be a challenge but it’s a necessary evil as the sink, toilet and shower all acquire grime. Toothbrush holders, drains and the floor area near the toilet are places that should not be neglected.
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