How to Keep Your Wood Floors looking great in-Between Cleans

Imagine looking into your living room.  A professional Fort Collins housecleaning service just made your hardwood floors look amazing, but you know they won’t be back for another month.  What will you do in the meantime? How will these beautiful, clean floors last with your kids around?

No worries!  We’ve got you covered.  Here are 4 tips for keeping your hardwood floors looking their best!

Shoes at the Door

The best way to keep your hardwood floors clean is to ditch your shoes at the door.  If you aren’t tracking in huge piles of dirt from across the neighborhood, you are going to seriously cut down on your cleaning time.

Vacuum Often

Although kicking off your shoes before you come inside will cut down on the dirt, you will still need to do some regular vacuuming to pick up anything that is left behind.  Use a vacuum with a hard floor attachment to keep dirt picked up without sloshing it around like you would with a broom.

Clean with Care

Standing water can dull the finish, so wet-mopping the floors is a no-no.  You also want to avoid using products that are meant for vinyl or tile floor since these can dull the surface and cause them to become slippery.

Since hardwood floors are a beautiful focal point in your home, you likely want to use a cleaning solution that is specifically labeled for use on wood floors.

Use proper technique

When you do mop hardwood floors, it is best to move your mop with the grain of the floor.  Cleaning wood floors by hand is likely the most effective way to get them sparkling, you just want to make sure that they don’t get too wet.  Keep a separate cloth handy to dry them as you go.

You can also spray a mist onto the floor with a spray bottle, and use a microfiber mop to wipe and dry as you go.

Are once a month cleaning appointments just too far apart?  Maybe it’s time to increase the frequency of your cleans?  Give your Fort Collins maid service a call to ask about your cleaning options!

Leave us a comment below to let us know how you clean your wood floors!  We’d love to hear from you!