Why should I keep my home clean

5 Reasons for Keeping Your Home Clean & Tidy

Sure, there’s the tried and true reasons to keep your house clean. I mean, germs, come on! We all want to be healthy and keeping a sparkling clean house is a sure way to steer clear of germs that may make us sick. And who doesn’t like the feel of a clean house? And, if you don’t have the time, you can always hire a cleaning company in Fort Collins and outsource your cleaning to the professionals. Take a look at the top five reasons to do so.

Why should I keep my home clean?

Coming home from a long day of work, walking in the door and first noticing that fresh smell of a recently cleaned house, then seeing those perfect lines in the carpet from a recent sweep of the vacuum and finally, not tripping over toys or shoes or piles of well… stuff, lots and lots of stuff. 

It feels great! But have you thought of all the other reasons it’s a great idea to keep your home clean? Below are five more reasons you’ll want to maintain a clean, healthy home.

You will be able to find things

Remember those piles of stuff I was just talking about? You know you have them. We all have them. It’s an attempt at organizing. A worthy attempt. But all those piles need to eventually find a home. When you have a clean home, all those piles of stuff find their way to their rightful spot.

A clean home makes it easy to organize your belongings in a manner that makes sense. 

Your keys deserve to have a permanent home by the front door, and your remote control should have its own spot on the coffee table. Your mail should rest neatly in a cubby on your desk. Imagine how much time you would save every day if you didn’t have to look for these things!

It will improve your social life

How’s that you ask? I’m a fan of the random stop by. The old school knocking on the door just to see if anyone is home because I happen to be in the neighborhood. (You know, how things happened before cell phones and such.) I encourage my friends to do the same with me. 

In fact, I have an open-door policy. The whole random stop by is a lot more appealing (and much less embarrassing) when you know your house is clean and your guests will be welcomed into a fresh smelling, clutter-free home.

When was the last time you had guests? (No, not toddler tea party guests, actual adults.) We could all use a friendly hangout now and then, but no one wants to invite people over to hang out in a house that they aren’t proud of. It’s easy to have pride in a home that you know is spotless and neat.

You will accomplish more

Whether it’s a layer of dust or a pile (or five) of stuff, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand when your eye keeps being drawn to the dust bunny hopping along under the couch. You’re more likely to finish projects around the house, or even just finish a sentence when things are organized and clean and you’re not focusing on what still needs to be done. 

When you have a neat, tidy home, you are free to focus on the things that matter. Whatever that may be to you.

You’ll spark creativity

So what matters to you? Maybe it’s something creative. I’m a writer and I know my mind doesn’t fully engage in my writing until all things around me are calm. For things to be calm, they need to be uncluttered and orderly. 

I need my mind free to concentrate only on the page in front of me, not on the mess I left in the kitchen, or the toilet I’ve been meaning to clean for days. When your home is tidy and spic and span, you have more room to do the things that really excite and stimulate you.

Less stress = more ZZZzzz

Remember that feeling we talked about earlier? The one where you walk in the door after a long day of work and breathe a sigh of relief that your fairy godmother magically transformed your house into a beautiful, organized space while you were working away? Now think about the opposite. 

Coming home to dishes in the sink when you still need to make dinner, and toys all over the floor, one of which you will trip over on the way to your filthy bathroom. Do you feel it? That’s stress. The stress of a dirty, messy home, and it weighs on you. It piles up. 

When your home is clean and orderly, that stress goes away. You’ve one less thing to worry about. When you’re not worrying, you sleep better. It’s that simple.

Which cleaning company from Fort Collins can help keep my home clean?

Keeping a clean home is time-consuming, and let’s face it, these days we are all a little short on time. We’d all love a fairy godmother to help us out every now and again, right? So, let All Star Cleaning Service in Northern Colorado cross the housework off of your to-do list! 

We’re here to help you maintain a clean home and lower your stress, and we have the know-how to clean your home against common allergens. It doesn’t matter if your home is near Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, or at another nearby location – we’ll be there. Schedule an appointment by calling (970) 215-2224 or click here for a quote!