how do I keep my home clean between cleaning service visits

4 Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Between Cleaning Service Visits?

Walking into a spotless home, that you didn’t have to clean, is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Everything is fresh and clean, and it feels like you’re walking on air… Cut to 3 days later, once a little bit of life has happened, and your house might not feel so fresh and clean. 

So, that leaves the burning question… How do you keep your house clean in between visits from your preferred house cleaning service in Fort Collins? We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 simple tips to help you keep that “freshly cleaned by professionals” feeling for even longer!

How do I keep my home clean between cleaning service visits?

So, you want to give it everything to keep your home as clean and fresh as possible between the visits of your favored professional house cleaners, but you don’t know how? Maintaining a clean home is easier than you might think, and it’s almost effortless with these tips.

Focus on the main rooms

To keep things realistic, consider focusing your efforts on the main rooms of your home. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and guest bathroom are great rooms to keep clean. These are generally the first rooms that you see when you walk in your home, and if guests do stop by unexpectedly they are more likely to see these rooms than other areas of your home. 

Break up your tasks

Don’t have only one cleaning day, but rather focus on one area a day. Since your home has already been cleaned by professionals, all you have to do is maintain that clean. (No elbow grease required, so you won’t need to spend much more than 5 minutes per area!)

Make sure there’s a place for everything

Instead of letting things pile up, make a place for everything in your home. For example, if your mail always ends up covering your kitchen counters, set up a special mail organization spot with places for bills, invitations and letters, and a small trash can with a shredder for junk mail.

Keep the floors clean without cleaning

If your busy life leaves little time for daily vacuuming in your heels and pearls, simply set thick door mats at all of your entrances and have your family and guests take their shoes off at the door. Taking off your shoes when you first get home means that any dirt or debris on your shoes won’t wind up on your floors in the first place, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the floors every day.

Which company offers in-depth house cleaning service in Fort Collins?

If you still feel that your house needs extra attention long before your cleaners are due back, consider going to a more frequent clean! There’s nothing more liberating than not having to do any cleanliness work on your home. This is only achievable by increasing the frequency of professional house cleaning visits to your home. However, if you want to make such a commitment, it’s important to carefully choose the house cleaning company you give your trust to. 

In our opinion, there’s only one such company we can think of, and that’s All Star Cleaning Services of Fort Collins. We are reputable house cleaning professionals with years of experience in the house cleaning industry. We will help you remove those pesky hard water spots and disinfect your home with natural products. It doesn’t matter if your home is near Horsetooth Reservoir or at another location. Just give us a call and tell us where to send a cleaner. We’re here for you!