What Are the Most Effective Natural Disinfectants?

One of the first questions I am generally asked by those considering a switch to natural products is “but do they really disinfect?” And that’s completely understandable, as we live in a time of heavy-duty chemical compounds we use on a daily basis to either clean or disinfect our homes. There’s almost no place for natural solutions.

However, just because something is natural, green, and safe, doesn’t mean it’s in any way inferior or ineffective. In fact, natural disinfectants are just as efficient as store-bought ones. The added benefit of natural disinfectants is that they are completely safe, they leave a small carbon footprint, and they are eco-friendly. Our Fort Collins maid services come with the option to use these eco-friendly products, so we’ve tested them in the field. Let’s see a bit more about them. 

What is the best homemade natural disinfectant?

Among the many natural disinfectants you can make on your own at home, there is one solution that stands out as being the most effective and pleasant to use. While it may be a bit more complicated to make, the effort is well worth it once you see the results. Here’s how you can do it. 

Mix ½ cup Borax with 1-gallon hot water, and add a few sprigs of fresh thyme or a couple of drops of (not much!) Tea Tree oil, or Peppermint Oil, let steep 10 min., strain (if you use thyme), and keep in a spray bottle.

There’s actual evidence that this disinfectant is just as effective as its not-so-natural counterparts. 1/2 cup borax dissolved in 1 gallon of hot water was tested for one year in a California hospital, and found to meet all state germicidal requirements, according to The Clean Water Fund. And that’s an excellent result. 

What other natural disinfectant should I try out?

However, why stop there when you still haven’t even scratched the surface of everything natural disinfectants have to offer. There are many, many other natural disinfectants available, and here are just a few of the more efficient ones you can try:

  • Microfiber alone removes 99% of bacteria with nothing more than water, giving even most commercial disinfectants a run for their money.
  • Steam cleaners, which can be purchased online or at stores such as Wal-mart for as little as $30, offer complete surface disinfection with no chemical use whatsoever.
  • Vinegar and peroxide are both natural disinfectants.
  • Tea Tree Oil is a powerful natural antiseptic, germicide, antibacterial, and fungicide. I recommend 7 drops per 32 oz bottle to disinfect.
  • Grapefruit seed extract has been proven in laboratory tests to be more effective as a disinfectant than chlorine, colloidal silver, and iodine. The United States Department of Agriculture tested GSE and found it was even effective against Foot and Mouth Disease and Avian influenza. I recommend 20 drops per 32 oz bottle to disinfect.

Which company offers comprehensive house cleaning and disinfecting services in Fort Collins?

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