Fall Cleaning Checklist and Guide

While fall is a time to usher in cooler temps and more cozy time inside, it’s also the perfect opportunity to complete those cleaning tasks that you’ve been putting off or to prep the house for the holidays.

Here’s a list of our top cleaning chores and assignments to get your home ready for nesting cozy and comfortable for this fall season:

*Dust and wash lighting fixtures and lampshades

*Wash windows

*Vacuum and spot clean furnishings

*Clean out fridge and remove expired condiments, spoiled food and anything not being used

*Clean out panty and restock with winter foods and meal items—soups, chili, crackers, etc

*Clean carpets and sweep floors

*Clean and rotate mattresses

*Clean gutters and downspouts

*Wash outdoor lighting and fixtures

*Swap out spring/summer clothing for winter wardrobe

*Sweep chimney and clean filters

*Winterize the yard

*Clean and cover patio furniture

*Check weather stripping around doors and windows

*Wash summer bedding—duvet, quilts, etc and swap with winter bedding—comforters, blankets, etc

*Get out fall holiday décor

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