What should I avoid when cleaning my dish sponge

How to Clean & Sanitize Your Dish Sponge

How to Clean & Sanitize Your Dish Sponge

Did you know that your dish sponge is probably one of the most bacteria-filled items in your entire kitchen? That is exactly why you should ensure frequent cleaning and sanitizing of this versatile little kitchen helper. And, if you don’t want to hire a maid service in Fort Collins just to sanitize your dish sponge, you should try to learn how to do it on your own. Luckily, we have prepared a couple of essential tips that will help you sanitize your kitchen sponge in no time. 

What should I avoid when cleaning my dish sponge?

Palmolive dish soap now offers a “Dish and Sponge Fresh” dishwashing liquid promising both sponge and dishes are left smelling fresh and clean after each wash. I cannot help but think of air fresheners (Air Fresheners are EVIL) when I see these types of advertisements. 

As if I am not horrified enough at the idea of dish soap being available for buyers to soak their hands and dishes in chemicals like ammonium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate (listed second on Palmolive ingredients and harmful to your health) but having mildew stink masked and forgotten just doesn’t seem …clean.

Do your dishes and yourself a favor, do not give in to those mass produced promises in a bottle, instead do it yourself with this quick and easy method, so you can assure your sponge gets clean and smells fresh and new (instead of the artificial ‘apple’ smell they offer).

Most important thing to know about your dish sponge is that it should only be used for up to a couple weeks at most if you keep it clean and don’t use it on a lot of saturated dishes. Secondly, you should ideally clean your dish sponge every evening, but every other day is okay too just as long as you keep it in a clean dry area (such as on a raised plate or in a bowl).

How do I clean my dish sponge?

When you are finished with all of your dishes and are ready to clean your sponge, you should first take some extra steps to ensure you have everything you need for the task at hand. Prepare yourself with by gathering the following items:

Start by giving your sponge one last wash with a dab of dish soap, scrub it together and wring it out several times until all the suds are gone.

Next you will want to place your wet sponge on a plate in the microwave on high for 2 minutes. (*Keep a close eye on your sponge, if any signs of burning occur turn off the microwave immediately).

After it’s been sterilized and cooled off (let sit for 1-2 minutes) remove the sponge with a pair of tongs and place on a clean dish (or bowl, or wherever you keep your sponge, hopefully somewhere clean!).

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