Air Freshners Are Evil! Here’s Why

Air fresheners are advertised to keep the air smelling fresh throughout the house. It certainly comes in handy if you have unexpected visitors or left an embarrassing smell in the bathroom, but for some people it’s affected their health, and it’s a threat to yours.
As posted in a staff bathroom:

“Please refrain from using air fresheners in this bathroom as it gives some of us a headache or affects our breathing. Instead propping open the door and opening the window will do the trick”

Air “fresheners” are chemically-scented fragrances usually dispensed in an aerosol spray, plug in, mists and even scented candles. For example, the air wick mist sprays release millions of particles of chemical raining down on you and linger in the air. The particles stick in your nose masking smells, not taking them away. What a rip off! Now you have two problems, not only do you have bad odors still lingering, but now you’ve just inhaled a ton of chemicals!

As posted above, it does affect breathing and your health, creating headaches, nausea and  may even increase your odds of developing asthma symptoms (as much as 71 percent!) and may also increase a risk of a number of pulmonary diseases.   A safer option would be propping open windows and doors and letting the fresh air circulate your house. My favorite is the smell right after it rains, and you can get that for free and without breaking your wallet! You can also create your own natural smells by:

  • placing vases or bowls of flowers throughout the house
  • put two tablespoons vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in an oven heated at 300 degrees for one hour. in 20 minutes the whole house will smell amazing. Give it a try!
  • tie cinnamon sticks around natural candle wax, the heat from the candle will bring out a wonderful aroma
  • allow lemon, rosemary and vanilla simmer all day on top of the stove and add water as needed (be sure to turn off before you take a nap or leave the house!)
  • Bake cookies!! my favorite option 🙂