8 Types of Cleaning Services: How to Pick the Right One

There are many different types of cleaning services available to busy homeowners. When it comes to deciding which type of maid service is best for your home in Fort Collins, there are a few things to consider. Do you want someone else to do all the work or just help out every now and then? Are you looking for greener products and eco-friendly methods? All these factors will help determine what type of service is best for your needs.

Here are a few tips on how to pick out the right type of house cleaning service based on your specific needs and preferences.

What are the different types of house cleaning services available?

The majority of homeowners spend more than one hour each day cleaning their homes. However, who wouldn’t want to engage in more pleasurable activities? Why put in the extra effort when you can outsource your chores to the pros and spend more time doing the things you love?

What’s even better is the fact that there are several types of services you can choose from.

According to the type of service:

  1. Deep cleaning

This is a more thorough type of house cleaning service that requires cleaners to perform extensive tasks. Deep cleans are usually done every month or two and they involve comprehensive checklists. What makes this package different from others is that it tackles deeply ingrained dirt and areas that aren’t easily accessible.

This package can be a great choice for those who want their home sparkling clean before hosting guests, didn’t hire professional cleaners beforehand, or want to give their home a thorough scrub.

  1. Room-specific cleaning

If your home does not need a thorough cleaning, you can choose to have professionals clean only certain rooms. This could be, for example:

  • Bedroom and bathroom cleaning

Some of the rooms that individuals find difficult to clean are bedrooms and bathrooms. This package can include vacuuming the floors, dusting the sideboards, and cleaning all of the curtains, as well as ensuring that the bathtub or shower is completely clean.

  • Kitchen cleaning

Many individuals need help with this area since the kitchen can easily get dirty and greasy, while requiring more frequent cleanings. Professional cleaners will ensure that every surface is clean and fresh.

  1. Basic house cleaning

Basic house cleaning usually entails light upkeep of the entire house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. This package generally ensures that all surfaces are spotless and dust-free, while tackling other common tasks such as mopping and vacuuming.

  1. Move-in/out cleaning

Both clients that are moving into new apartments or moving out of their existing homes can hire professional cleaners to handle their move in/out cleaning. The move in cleaning service ensures that your new residence is clean and safe to live in, while the move out cleaning services involve making sure that any dirt has been completely removed from the old house.

  1. Custom cleaning upon request

Laundry cleaning is just one example that a client may request as an add-on service. Depending on the provider, you may customize your service by including such add-ons and specifying which areas you’d like them to tackle.

According to the frequency of service:

  • One-time services

The phrase “one-time services” refers to hiring a cleaning service for only one occasion. One-time clients typically want their homes cleaned thoroughly, so they go with a deep clean.

  • Recurring services

Some people find it effective to hire cleaners on a monthly basis, while others prefer bi-weekly or weekly visits. Either way, recurring or regular services are the way to go.

Where to find top-quality maid service in Fort Collins?

There are several ways to identify a good cleaning company that will help you enjoy all the perks of having a clean home. Here, at All Star Cleaning Services of Fort Collins, we can help you keep up with your housework by providing diverse services including tailored checklists designed specifically for your home. Whether you’re located near Spring Creek or another neighborhood, we want nothing more than to provide high-quality and comprehensive cleaning services. Call us now!