6 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean

Some impurities are not visible to the naked eye, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You’d be surprised at how often those out-of-sight areas of your home are easily neglected and often dirtiest of all. The truth is, even if you tackle every crevice from the entry doors all the way to the last inch of the house, there may still be some spots harboring dust and grime.

So, is it actually possible to reach every nook and cranny of your home? Absolutely. With a reliable house cleaning service by your side, you can ensure your place in Loveland is safe and healthy at all times. However, if you’d like to learn how to tackle the task yourself, our expert tips are here to help. Let’s dive right in!

What am I forgetting to clean in my house?What am I forgetting to clean in my house

Add these hidden spots to your regular household routine to handle your home effortlessly and prevent harmful bacteria from spreading:

1. The tops of cabinets

If you walk through your own home with a conscious effort to inspect it a bit closer than you normally do, you’ll quickly notice the layer of dust that has accumulated on top of your cabinetry. Give it a good wipe with a damp cloth or use a vacuum with a duster attachment for a more thorough cleanup.

2. The areas around sinks and faucets

Apart from water, these wet areas are exposed to a lot of other elements on a daily basis. When left untreated, calcium deposits and scum buildup can leave yellowish stains that are not only unsightly, but can also interfere with the function of the fixtures. Scrub them with a disinfectant spray, diluted bleach or any other DIY solution to prevent this from happening.

3. Washing machine interior

Odd as it may sound, your washing machine needs cleaning, too. The reason behind this is simple: soap and detergent residues get trapped inside, creating a thin film of bacteria, grime, and mold. Be sure you run a cycle with hot water and white vinegar at least once a month to eliminate them.

4. Behind the toilet

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for bacteria to breed, this is the one. No matter how shiny the toilet bowl may be, the floors and walls surrounding it are the germs hotspots. To handle hard-to-reach areas like these, use homemade solutions and make them a regular part of your bathroom cleaning routine.

5. Light fixtures

The first thing to do is to toss the dust, bugs, and any other dirt into the trash if a light fixture has been neglected for far too long. Use a stable step ladder to unscrew them before you move on to a rod ceiling duster or a simple damp cloth. Wipe the glass surface meticulously to remove spider webs.

6. Stove grates & burner tops

Grates and tops can be quite a challenge, especially if they’re full of cooked-on stains and gunk. Unlike most surfaces, which can be tackled using mild mixtures and microfiber cloths, maintaining your stovetop can be frustrating due to these frequently ignored components. Remove grease build-up effectively by using ammonia or specially designed commercial degreasers.

Where can I find a trusted house cleaning service in Loveland?Where can I find a trusted house cleaning service in Loveland

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