5 Tools & Supplies for Kitchen Cleaning

What tools are useful for a kitchen clean-up

Most people take pride in having the latest equipment, even when it comes to the one for doing chores. Although you don’t have to turn into a cleaning buff, you should know which tools and supplies for kitchen maintenance are a must-have.

Still, many residents of Timnath prefer to rely on reputable kitchen cleaning services instead. In this article, we’ll outline top 5 state-of-the-art tools for kitchen maintenance. Read on!

What tools are useful for a kitchen clean-up?

While there are many interesting new products that you could try, these are the 5 tools that every household should have:

1. Sponge and microfiber cloth

Sponges and microfiber cloths are essential cleaning tools. You use a sponge to wash the dishes and scrub the grease, and grime, clean the oven, etc. Microfiber cloths are great for wiping countertops, and cupboards, as well as for dealing with glass surfaces as they don’t leave residue or streaks. Since they are applicable to all surfaces they can help you clean your kitchen efficiently because you can wipe and clean while you wait for the food to get ready. 

2. Brushes and scrubbers

Brushes are great for removing oil stains from your kitchen tiles. Wire brushes are very handy for tidying up the least accessed areas of your kitchen like faucets, widow rails, clogged gas burners, and taps. Steel scrubs and fiber scrub pads are perfect for cleaning cutlery and utensils. 

You can use a scrub with a sponge for ceramic, glass, and melamine utensils. When it comes to keeping bottles and small tubes of kitchenware free from microbes, a mini brush is a great choice. 

3. Dish drying rack

Although dish-drying racks take up some space on the countertops, they are a very useful addition to your kitchen. The draining tray helps collect all the excess water that has dripped from the dishes, thus enabling them to dry naturally. Dish drying racks also have a cutlery holder and are convenient for bowls, plates, cutting boards, mugs and so much more. The advantage of using it instead of a towel is that you’ll prevent mold growth.

4. Spin mop

Spin mops are better than regular mops because they can absorb spills quickly and they don’t push the liquid around like the traditional ones. They’ll make you strain your back less when you clean and their bendable neck makes them perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas beneath fridges and tables. If you want to avoid making one of the most common mistakes when cleaning a kitchen, make sure to mop the floor last to prevent dirt from settling onto the clean surfaces.

Which supplies should I use when cleaning my kitchen?

While there are many useful cleaning agents, a degreaser is something that every homeowner should have and is the 5th essential cleaning product on our list. One of the ways to prepare for kitchen cleaning is to pre-clean the oven. 

That means that you should spray some degreaser on the stains and burnt food leftovers and leave the oven with the door closed for at least 12 hours to allow the degreaser to kick in. Next, use a spatula to scrape off the decomposed dirt and grime, and wipe the oven with a clean microfiber cloth.

Where in Timnath can I find reliable kitchen cleaning services?

Which supplies should I use when cleaning my kitchen

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