9 Unorthodox Uses for Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets not only keep our clothes static-free, soft, and smelling fresh, but they have many other interesting and unusual uses that might seem like a surprise to many people. And that is why you should gain more knowledge of all the little things dryer sheets are able to help you with. 

They are reusable after their standard application and can be used for different little cleaning chores around the house. (Consider delegating those to our award-winning Fort Collins house cleaning team so you don’t need to worry about keeping your home clean.) Before you throw out your dryer sheets, check out what else they’re useful for and try some or all of these little hacks yourself.

What are some uncommon uses for dryer sheets?

So, while you should still continue using dryer sheets for their main purpose of making your clothes soft and scented, it doesn’t mean you should not give some of the following interesting applications a try. Feel free to attempt any of the following tips with your dryer sheets. 

Pet hair removal

One of the best advantages dryer sheets have is that they have their anti-static properties after they’ve been used. Swipe them across cloth furniture, stuffed toys, lampshades, etc. Swipe them across your clothes to clean up any leftover hair!

Freshen up the room when you vacuum

Stick a used dryer sheet in the bag of your vacuum (or wherever air is released). The air will flow through the dryer sheet making the room smell fresh. This is a simple and effective way to easily scent your entire home.

Bug repellant

Mosquitoes apparently do not like dryer sheets, specifically Bounce. Rub used dryer sheets on exposed areas and tie them to a belt loop or stick them in a shirt pocket. Do not use fresh dryer sheets on your skin.

Remove soap scum

A few drops of water on the dryer sheet and you should be able to rub away soap scum on your glass shower doors and shower tiles. It even works well on plastic shower curtains, and it’s an efficient and cheap solution to a common problem.

Clean your glasses

Use your leftover dryer sheet to keep your glasses clean and clear! The dryer sheet will also help repel dust so your glasses stay clearer for longer. 

Pick up deodorant residue

Erase any evidence of deodorant on your little black dress! Swipe a used dryer sheet across any white streaks and see them disappear without a trace. Just like magic!

Bathroom freshener

Place a used dryer sheet in your toilet paper cardboard tubing before placing it in it’s dispenser. Every-time the toilet paper rolls, the roll will spin out a burst of freshness and make your bathroom more enjoyable to be in. 

Clean up messes in the kitchen

Keep a dryer sheet at hand next time you are baking and use it to wipe away any dry spills from flour, baking soda, corn starch, or other common household ingredients. 

Dust off your TV

Dryer sheets work great as a duster on glass tv screens, and they also repel any future dust., making your TV stay static and dust-free for longer. 

Looking at all these interesting uses for dryer sheets, you should start saving your dryer sheets and keep them nearby to keep your house dust-free and fresh!

Who provides efficient house cleaning services in Fort Collins?

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