Get a Great Deal on an Oreck Vacuum, and Help Support Cleaning for a Reason too!

For a limited time, you can purchase an Oreck upright Commercial RHB vacuum cleaners at the dealer cost of $209 including shipping! $45 of each vacuum sold goes directly to the Cleaning for a Reason foundation! Extremely lightweight and easy to maintain, these are the ONLY upright vacuums the All Stars use in our client’s […]

20 Alternative Uses for Baking Soda (It’s Not Just for Baking!)

  Use in place of your regular scouring powder to scour sinks, showers, and bathtubs, and to remove stains from countertops Clean yellow stains off of piano keys with a mixture of 1/4 cup baking soda in 1 quart warm water Use as a natural deicer on your walkways in the winter. Unlike salts and […]