Speed Clean Your Home in 6 Easy Steps

Many of us think of cleaning as a “scary” task.  Cleaning is actually more afraid of you than you are of it… Okay, maybe not, but it’s actually not quite as bad as you think.
Here’s how to get your house in order in 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Gather your Tools – You’ll need:

        • 2 Laundry baskets
        • Trash Bag
        • Dusting cloths

Step 2: Pick Up – If it doesn’t belong where it is, put it in one of three places.
Wrong Place (right room): Basket 1
Wrong Room: Basket 2
Trash: Trash Bag

Step 3: Dust/Polish – This task is easy-peasy once everything that doesn’t belong is removed.  Start in one place in the room, and work your way around in a circle. Wipe surfaces and polishing items, such as mirrors, with a microfiber cloth as you go.  Once you reach your starting point again, go back and dust any surfaces/items that aren’t along the wall, such as coffee tables.

Step 4: Empty Basket 1 – If it’s in the right room, but the  wrong place, put it back.  Since you’ve already dusted everything, wipe the items down as you put them back.

Step 5: Congratulations!  You’re ready for the next room! – Bring Basket 2 with any “items that don’t belong” with you to your next cleaning destination and repeat the process.

Step 6: Suck it up – Once the whole house is done, I usually vacuum all of the rooms at once instead of doing it room by room.  Partly because it’s my favorite part, and partly because then I’m able to start at the back of the house without risking walking on those pretty vacuum lines.