5 Steps to Good Clean Family Fun

Hate cleaning?  Why not make it a family affair?  Getting the kids involved means the task will be over sooner, leaving you with more time to spend with your adorable little cleaning cadets.

These 5 easy steps will help you introduce cleaning to your whole family!

  1. Baby Steps – Instead of assigning a small child to a room, assign each child an area or a task for the room.  It’s much easier for them to “dust the bookshelf and pick up the dirty clothes” rather than having the daunting task of “clean your room.”
  2. Turn up the Music – Music makes everything more fun – including cleaning.  I like to keep a playlist ready with upbeat “exercise type” music.  The faster the music, the faster you move!
  3. Make Cleaning a Game – Set a timer and have your kids race to finish their tasks before the time runs out.  When cleaning their rooms, for instance, tell them on Monday that you are going to play the game on Friday.  They can technically win the game by keeping their room picked up, or near spotless before the game begins.  Imagine that!
  4. Cleaning with Style – Put together a cleaning kit individualized for your child.  A bright bucket with pink apron and lime green dusting rags, or Maybe a CSI (Cleaning Scene Investigation) kit complete with investigatory flashlight and white rags to help analyze the dust as they wipe.
  5. Reward – Giving a cleaning reward doesn’t have to cost you a penny.  Let your kids take turns picking their favorite dinner for you to make or picking the movie for family night, or even just give them verbal praise.  Everyone loves a pat on the back!

So get them involved and enjoy the fruits of your (and their) labor.  You’ll be glad you did!