Practical advice for keeping bugs out of your home

Bugs are annoying enough outside of the home this time of year. You shouldn’t have to deal with them indoors. Unfortunately, we’ve learned from our own homes and from our clients that indoor bugs happen much more than we’d like. We have also built relationships with other local Fort Collins businesses, including pest control and they’ve taught us a lot about what makes a home a happy place for ants, roaches, gnats, and ugh…spiders. 


Is there anything more stubborn than an ant? Yes. You are. And you’re going to win this battle. Ants can come into your home for a wide variety of reasons and they might find even more once inside. 

Many species of ants need to live near water sources but those water sources can be very, very small. If you have a pipe that leaks under the sink, that’s enough to serve as a waterpark for ants and they’ll be very grateful to nest and procreate nearby. Check for water in other places like potted plant drainage or areas where rainwater doesn’t drain properly.

Don’t leave dirty dishes sitting for too long. It only takes one visit for ants to rush back to their friends and family and let them know they’ve found the best new home.

Clean your pantry shelves often in case of even the smallest of spills and make sure all of your dry goods are sealed properly.

You know who loves greasy, fried food more than us? Ants. They’re attracted to the smell of grease (not unlike me at a carnival), so keep your oven and stove-top clean. And we know they love sugar so be extra careful with those awkward bags of sugar that have no purpose once opened. Put the sugar in an airtight canister and wipe it down after use. You might not notice one or two grains that fall out but ants certainly will. 


Arguably the most annoying creation in the universe, gnats are attracted to water and food waste but will also happily hang out in your fruit and vegetable bowls.

Want to do a super gross science project with the kiddos? Put out a bowl of apple cider vinegar (or wine, dish soap, and sugar and cover it with plastic wrap. Poke holes in the wrap just big enough for the obnoxious little dudes to fly into.  I guess this project doesn’t really teach anything but you could say something about chemicals and insects and feel proud of your educational prowess.

I met a local gardener who had a fun (?) idea for keeping gnats out of his face while working outside. He put flypaper around his hat like a disgusting sticky ribbon. It worked, though! 


I don’t even like typing the word. Eight-legged pests are on a lot of phobia lists and very few of us welcome them into our home. While they’re mostly not dangerous and just want to hang out eating the other bugs in your house, there are ways to lessen the chances of reinacting Arachnaphobia in your bathroom.

Spiders like other insects so keeping the house clear of those will offer less food and less reason to stick around.

They mostly stick to dark, cool places and want to be bothered as little as possible. Keep clutter to a minimum and wood piles away from the house. 

Dusting and cleaning often can help you keep up with any webs that get started so spiders don’t have a chance to get established. 

Don’t stress too much about it

You’re never going to have a 100% insect-free house. Occasionally there will be a fly, an ant, or those wannabe ladybugs cramping your style. But, with frequent cleaning and following the above tips, you can certainly make your house less inviting to unwanted pests.