Organizing Your Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Organizing Your Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

There’s something paradoxical about a messy collection of bathroom supplies cluttering your Greeley home, isn’t there? We aim for a pristine bathroom through our house cleaning efforts, yet the very tools we rely on are often in total disarray. If you’ve ever been on a mini treasure hunt through a chaotic cabinet just to find that one specific cleaner or scrub brush, you’re not alone. So, buckle up, as we’re about to discuss better ways to store bathroom supplies.

How do you store bathroom cleaning supplies?

Here are a few practical steps you can follow:

Step #1: Take stock and declutter

Before anything else, it’s essential to know what you’re working with.

  • Expiry dates: Like old food in the fridge, expired cleaning products lose their effectiveness. Check for out-of-date items and dispose of them based on the label’s recommendations. How do you store bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Duplicates: It’s easy to forget and buy another bottle of the same cleaner. If you have half-used bottles of the same product, merge them to save space.
  • Rarely used items: That tile cleaner you bought but only used once? If a multi-purpose cleaner can do the same job, it might be time to let specific items go.

Step #2: Categorize your supplies

Organizing your cleaning supplies is akin to sorting your wardrobe—each item has its designated spot. Your surface cleaners, for instance, are the trusty companions for counters, tiles, and mirrors. Grouping them ensures you won’t mistakenly reach for a tile cleaner when you’re after the glass one. Then there are the toilet cleaners, encompassing everything from bowl cleaners and brushes to disinfectant sprays. And let’s not forget the specialty products, which tackle specific issues like mold or limescale, ensuring you have a solution for every challenge the bathroom presents.

Step #3: Opt for smart storage solutions

Based on your space and inventory, the right storage system makes all the difference.

  • Over-the-door organizers: Perfect for bathrooms lacking in cabinet space. These organizers come with pockets and pouches, holding everything from bottles to brushes. They keep items hidden yet accessible.
  • Caddies: Think of a caddy as your cleaning toolkit. It’s portable, making it a breeze to move from the bathroom to another room without multiple trips.
  • Clear storage bins: These are your best friends when it comes to organizing your under-the-sink area. Transparent bins allow you to see what’s inside. Add labels for an extra touch of organization.
  • Hooks and pegboards: These underrated tools can transform cabinet doors or unused wall space. Hang brushes, gloves, and even spray bottles for easy access.

Step #4: Prioritize based on frequency of use

The items you reach for most often shouldn’t be buried at the back.

  • Everyday items: Things like glass cleaner or hand soap should be front and center, making daily tidying faster and smoother.
  • Occasional use items: Products like deep-cleaning solutions can be stored further back or on lower shelves.

Step #5: Prioritize safety

Safety goes hand in hand with organization, especially when curious little hands or furry friends are involved. Think about adding safety latches to cabinets to keep them out of mischief. And here’s a simple tip: always keep those strong chemicals up high and out of reach. Oh, and do yourself a favor by keeping cleaners in their original bottles. Don’t doubt it, it’s a lifesaver when you need to double-check those usage directions or warnings on a whim.

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