How do I clean my microwave after my kids have made a mess

How to Clean Your Microwave After Your Kids

From uncovered spaghetti-Os to spaghetti squash, your kids sure are little firestarters when it comes to making a complete and utter mess out of every microwave you’ve ever owned. It’s really easy to get discouraged and just leave it be for some time, hoping for some magic to take your dirty microwave away and replace it with a new one.

However, there’s absolutely no room for despair. Cleaning a microwave after your cherished young ones have made a full-on calamity is easier than it would initially seem, especially if you’re willing to listen to a couple of tips from a reputable maid service in Fort Collins. We’ve compiled a detail-oriented approach to resolving a messy microwave problem. Here’s the easiest way to handle this!

How do I clean my microwave after my kids have made a mess?

Kids are experts at making a mess, even when the instructions are really simple, like “cover everything you want to heat up in the microwave”. If they did not heed this one simple rule, and chances are they wont, you’ll be left with a huge mess to clean up. We know how hard this can be, which is why we’re going to share a couple of tips on how to approach this endless war:

  • In a microwaveable bowl or cup, mix three tablespoons of vinegar (doesn’t matter which kind) and one cup of water.
  • Place the bowl in the microwave and set it on high for 2-5 minutes (depending on how bad/old the mess is)!
  • Wait at least thirty seconds for the steam to clear, stand at arm’s length, and open the microwave. The initial blast of vinegar steam is powerful, but harmless. Nevertheless, stand back so you don’t get that “breathing hot wing sauce” sensation.
  • The bowl will be HOT. Remove it carefully with an oven mitt.
  • The steam will often loosen the mess so much that it can be cleaned with a paper towel, but it’s best to give it a quick scrub with a non-scratch cleaning sponge, and wipe it up with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

That’s it! No bending over upside down until your neck breaks, just easy cleanup for a fresh clean microwave! The vinegar also helps with any odors that may linger in the appliance.

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