Fall Cleaning is important. Here’s a checklist of 23 tasks

Everyone makes a big deal about Spring cleaning, us included, and maybe you are a big fan, but have you considered that Fall cleaning is just as (if not more!) important? 

In the Spring you’re celebrating the release from cabin fever, the new fresh crisp air and open windows, and more sweet, sweet sunshine. We are definitely on board the Spring cleaning train. So why is Fall cleaning a big deal? Glad you asked!

Summer is ending and the temperatures are (probably) cooling off. Winter is coming. You’re going to be spending more time indoors and you might even have a busier schedule over the next several months if you or your children are in school.

I’m going to be honest, though. My favorite reason for Fall cleaning is to get ready for the upcoming festivities from Halloween to New Year’s Eve! There’s decorating, cookies, guests, presents, cookies, trick-or-treaters, decorating cookies, feasts, and snuggly family time just to name a few.

You already know the basics like sweeping and mopping all of your floors, vacuuming carpet, etc. We’ve compiled a list of the extra things you can do for Fall cleaning so you’re ready for the best time of year!

Fall cleaning tasks in no particular order

  • Clean outdoor furniture and store it if necessary
  • Drain your pool or cover it
  • Check around windows and doors for any caulking or stripping that needs attention
  • Replace your furnace filter and buy a supply for the rest of the year
  • Clean closets of unorganized clutter and store, sell, or donate any clothes you know you’ll never wear again. Store any summer-only clothing.
  • If you have kids, have a try-on session. See what still fits and what is needed for winter. It’s probably shoes because it’s always shoes. 
  • Help your kids get rid of any toys they have outgrown. If you need a bribe, remind them of holiday presents that will need space in their rooms.
  • Wash your windows and window treatments. A helpful tip from RealSimple.com is to wash your windows on a cloudy day so it’s easier to see any left-behind streaks. 
  • Wash and dust walls. Pull down and clean any wall decor or shelves. 
  • Clean all the baseboards.
  • Dust and wipe down your ceiling fans. According to Greenlivingideas.com, switch your fan’s direction (if possible) to clockwise. This pushes the naturally rising warmer air downward. 
  • Replace batteries and clean smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  • Clean out humidifiers before you start using the heater. 
  • Give your vehicles a big deep clean while the weather is still nice.
  • Take stock of your fall, Halloween, and other Holiday decor. Put it somewhere accessible because it’s almost time!
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom grout.
  • Clean shower curtains and doors and throw away all of those empty bottles and rusty bobby pins. 
  • Pull everything out of your kitchen cabinets. Get rid of expired items, organize food and cookware, wipe down cabinets inside and out, and replace any liners that need it. 
  • Declutter your counter space and dining room table. For the baking of the cookies. 
  • Clean dryer vent and exhaust.
  • Clean light fixtures and lamp shades and replace any dead bulbs you’ve been ignoring.
  • Properly dispose of any loose, used batteries rolling around in drawers. Did you know this can be a fire hazard?
  • Light a candle, drink some cider, or whatever you need to do to feel rewarded and in the Autumn spirit. You deserve it. 

Ok, maybe it’s not everyone’s best time of year. Maybe it’s your worst. At least you’ll have a clean space to suffer in. And there’s always cookies. 

If you would rather us take care of some of the work while you’re out picking apples and choosing scary costumes, we’re happy to help!