Cleaning Your Home During COVID-19 (advice from a cleaning lady ?)

As we roll into our 3rd (4th?) week of Coronavirus shutdown, I thought I’d share my best tips for keeping your household clean during quarantine – A.K.A how I take care of my house when I’ve been cancelled off the schedule for the 15th time in a row, because you know, the owner’s house always gets cleaned last!

Quarantine Cleaning 101

  1. Keep cleaning supplies handy in the rooms you will use them the most often and clean as you go. I keep a spray bottle of all purpose cleaner and a stack of cleaning cloths under the sink in each bathroom and the kitchen. You’re much more likely to wipe up that glob of toothpaste in the sink if you don’t have to walk across the house to get the supplies to do it.
  2. Clean the shower while you’re IN the shower. Fun fact: soap scum is largely made up of grease from body oil. Natural dish soap (we use Seventh Generation) is literally made for cutting grease, and it is safe to have come in contact with you skin! I keep a bottle of natural dish soap and a sponge in my shower and just scrub the walls down once a week while I’m in there. Easy peasy!
  3. Run the dishwasher at night, and empty in the morning. Then train everyone in your household – dishes go straight in the dishwasher! This is the #1 rule in my house. Running the dishwasher is the last thing I do before bed, and I empty it every morning while the coffee is brewing. My kids know better than to get caught putting a dish in my sink!
  4. A robotic vacuum cleaner just may be your new best friend if you have kids and/or pets. Set it to run overnight, and keep your floors under control-ish between full cleans. They aren’t perfect, but they are definitely worth every penny!
  5. Quarantine is a fantastic time to PURGE! Less stuff means less clutter, and less stuff to dust! Clear surfaces also do a tremendous amount for mental health.

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! We currently plan to reopen our schedule the day the Stay at Home order is lifted. In the meantime, feel free to email us your cleaning questions – we are here to help!