(Another) Study Links Breast Cancer to Household Cleaning Products

A new study from the international scientific journal Environmental Health has found a correlation between house cleaning products and breast cancer in women.

To the All Star Crew, this is not news, but just another confirmation of our mission as a company.  From the summary article:

The use of cleaners including air fresheners and mold removers doubled the risk of breast cancer in women who used them most often … because they contain “endocrine disrupting chemicals” or “mammary gland carcinogens.” (emphasis added)

Endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as triclosan, are a personal vendetta of mine.  The worst offenders, as the article noted, are air fresheners.  Modern air fresheners are full of chemicals that are properly considered neurotoxins, because they actually affect the olfactory centers of the nervous system.

Many house cleaners in Fort Collins and around the country use artificial fragrances in their products which have the same damaging chemicals in them.  At All Star, our cleaning products are completely free of artificial fragrances or any other synthetic chemicals.  Our customers often remark at the (lack of) scent in our products, often noting that “it just smells ‘clean,’ but I can’t put my finger on what it smells like.