7 Ways to Conquer the Winter Blues

While the winter weather can leave you feeling lifeless and out of sorts, there’s no . better way to save yourself from a serious case of the grumpies than to follow these surefire ways to reduce the winter doldrums:

1.) Hello Hawaii!

Inviting friends over for a game night filled with kicky conversation and lots of yummy food will put the swing back in your step. Host a monthly game night and relish in the company. Better yet, throw a ‘Luau’ party and have everyone bring themed food from Hawaii. Venture to the party store and grab some leis, inflatable palm trees and tropical drink straws.

2.) Calling Crossfit

Make an effort to spend all your indoor time in a productive and healthy way. Try that new ballet bootcamp, a stripper pole class or TRX at the local rec center. And make an effort to do that spin class or crossfit exercise class that your friend has been begging you to try. Spend time venturing out of your comfort zone to feel more fulfilled and get a bangin’ bod at the same time.

3.) Turn Up the Tunes

When you’re having a blah and bluesy day, the quickest way to feel rejuvenated and spry once again is to crank up your sound system and have a mini dance party around the house. Not only will the music energize your mood, but the bumping beats will rev your circulation and make you feel happy and alive.

4.) Hire a Cleaning Company

If you’re lacking the ‘get up and go’ to create fun momentum during the dreary snow-filled months of winter, there’s no better happiness hit than the one a cleaning company can provide. When you see a sparkling kitchen, beautiful bathrooms and luminous countertops, you’ll be ready to face Jack Frost head on. We happen to know a good house cleaning company in Fort Collins we could refer you to 🙂

5.) Craft Central

With everyone spending hours on laptops, iPods and other digital devices, it’s no wonder that people feel the draining effects of a screen-filled seasonal slump. If you’re extra tired as of late, there’s no better way to beat the cold than to set-up a craft center for you and your kids or just for you and friends. Have glitter, glue, stickers and tons of fun art supplies to create cool projects. Get inspired by Pinterest and if you’re not into scrapbooking or crafts involving sticky supplies, go purchase some plain canvass and start a paint party. Bring your gal pals over for some wine and Picasso time.

6.) Book Vacation

Reading a good book keeps your mind from turning to mush and makes the winter months fly by. If you’re wrapped up in a literary romp, you’ll forget all about the stifling cold outdoors. Pick a great read with a warm tropical climate.

Try: Crazy Little Thing or The Power Trip for a literary pick-me-up.

7.) Aromatherapy

With tons of blogs and Pinterest posts devoted to the powers and wonders of aromatherapy, there’s no better way to escape a chill than with a power packed dose of holistic happiness. Try an oil diffuser or buy a few scented oils to sprinkle in a bath or on make a pillow mist. Try lemon, lavender and jasmine to feel totally renewed and re-inspired.