6 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Clean the House

Cleaning isn’t all fun. For some, it is a therapeutic time in their day to unwind from all other life’s stressors and  can just focus on their house.  For others it’s just another daily chore to push aside and procrastinate.

Your house is not only your living space, it is your sanctuary. Cleaning may not always be fun, but here are some tips to help you breeze through your chores:

  1. Make a list. It can be detailed or as simple looking as a grocery list. When you have all your chores written down along side each other you will be freed from worrying about forgetting a task and also have the option to choose to get the difficult chores out of way or breezing through the easy ones first (items crossed off on a list of things-to-do is always a good motivator).
  2. Listen to music. Upbeat and fast paced music will help you work faster and help you get excited about cleaning (can’t forget to mention those added benefits: 2 hours cleaning=200 calories burned!)
  3. Try something new. Pick up a new cleaning product you’ve always wanted to try (or make your own – FUN!)
  4. Involve the family: divide up the house into sections and make a game out of it (time it/work in teams with prizes or rewards at the end)
  5. Relax and stay comfortable! throw on comfortable lounging clothes you won’t mind getting dirty, and remember, keep focused on the light at the end of the tunnel! A clean home is the best reward for everyone, right?!
  6. Reward yourself!! whether it be with something you can buy or something you enjoy doing, knowing that you have a reward waiting for you can be a great motivation

Keep these tips in mind next time you are faced with the challenge of cleaning and are just not  in the mood…cleaning after all, can be fun!