Basic Cleaning vs. Pro Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered why so many people lately turn to professional cleaning services in Severance in order to maintain a healthy living environment? Aside from the obvious benefits, such as convenience and time and energy-saving, there’s much more to what they bring to the table.

The reason for this is that there’s a big difference between basic and professional cleaning, which may not be obvious or noticeable at first. However, once we dive deeper, you’ll see how significant the disparities are, and why both activities are important, each in their own right.

What is the difference between basic cleaning and professional cleaning

What is the difference between basic cleaning and professional cleaning?

Basic cleaning is what most people routinely do themselves on a daily or weekly basis to maintain a sufficient level of hygiene in their homes. This typically includes tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces.

However, while this activity can definitely help to keep a space clean and tidy, after a while it drops in effectiveness. This is simply because basic efforts alone aren’t enough to eliminate deep-seated dirt and grime.

Professional cleaning, on the other hand, is a more in-depth activity, typically done by highly trained maids, cleaners, or housekeepers. It involves a comprehensive cleaning of the space, using specialized cleaning techniques and high-quality cleaning products to remove dirt and grime that may have accumulated over time.

That being said, both basic and professional cleaning are essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment, but the latter is necessary to raise the cleanliness of the space to the highest level.

What is included in basic cleaning?

In most cases, routine home maintenance consists of the following:

  • Sweeping and mopping floors to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Dusting surfaces, including furniture, countertops, and shelves, to remove dust and cobwebs.
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Wiping down surfaces, including sinks, toilets, and showers, to remove dirt and grime.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping down countertops, cleaning appliances, and washing dishes.

Basic cleaning is relatively straightforward and can be done with only basic cleaning supplies, such as a broom, mop, vacuum, all-purpose cleaner, and even some homemade cleaning solutions.

What is included in professional cleaning?

When we talk about the cleaning endeavors done by professionals, that typically refers to the combination of the following:

  • Deep Cleaning: This is the most thorough, most detailed form of cleaning and it may include tasks such as cleaning behind and inside the appliances, wiping floors and baseboards, and scrubbing bathrooms top-to-bottom.
  • Specialized Cleaning: Depending on the type of space, pro cleaning may include specialized tasks, such as cleaning windows, carpets, or upholstery.
  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques: Professional cleaners have ample knowledge of cleaning techniques that can remove dirt and grime much more effectively than an untrained person.
  • High-Quality Cleaning Products: Housekeeping companies have access to industrial-grade yet safe cleaning solutions that are more effective than those available to the general public.

Professional cleaning is a complex task with high skill requirements, which is why it is usually done on a less frequent basis, such as monthly or quarterly, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the space and individuals occupying it.

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