5 Ways to Purge Your Excess Stuff Fast

Whether you’re a Clutter Claudia or a Sentimental Sally, most people have a propensity for filling their homes, cars and even office desks with too much stuff. We go shopping for things we don’t need and we give gifts for things we’ll never use (shoe paper weights, decorated wine glasses and endless journals). Well, if you’re seeking a method for purging your belongings fast, here are five tips you can use today:


1.) Use It or Lose It

How long have you had that old video camera? That ugly vase from your Aunt Linda or that decorative letter opener? Try and preserve your house space for things that you need or use.


2.) Garage Sale

Old art, vacuum cleaners and piles of books are bestsellers at garage sales. Dispose of your old clutter and junk at the Goodwill, using Craigslist or having a garage sale.


3.) Sports Equipment

Ever notice that people’s garages are often packed with old camping gear, skis, tennis racquets, bikes and bats that are no longer being used? Really evaluate all your tired and old recreation equipment and sell or donate the items you’re not using.


4.) Picture It

If you can’t part with those movie stubs, that picture your 4th grader made in kindergarten or that magazine article, take a photograph of it and preserve it digitally. Removing tangible items and turning them into digital keepsakes will free up a lot more space in your home and life.


5.) Manage the Multiples

How many socks do you really need to own? If you’ve got pillowcases galore, countless baking sheets and multiple empty bookcases, it’s time to release yourself from a case of the multiples.