What should I do before cleaners arrive

5 Things to Do Before Cleaners Arrive

Hiring reliable professional house cleaners in Fort Collins is the best and easiest way to ensure your home is as clean and fresh as possible. However, if you would like to help your cleaners do a faster and more efficient job, there are some things you can do before they arrive. Here’s which actions you can perform before your cleaners arrive. 

What should I do before cleaners arrive?

When you’re expecting your cleaners to come, you should do your part in preparing your home for an efficient cleaning visit. Take care of the following five chores and help your cleaners have an easier and more enjoyable time at your home. 

Prepare yourself

Every cleaning company is a little different. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You want to make sure that you are on the same page as your cleaning service, and you don’t want to end up expecting things to be done if they are not offered by your service. Check out the company’s website, send them a quick email, or give them a call if you aren’t sure if they provide certain services like laundry, organization, or outdoor cleanup.

Do some picking up

It would be completely crazy for you to clean your house before your cleaning service arrives, but if your house is disorganized or your kitchen counters are stacked with dirty dishes, your cleaning service is going to do less “cleaning” and more picking up. 

Most of us hire a cleaning service to do all of those tasks that we hate doing. Taking 30 minutes before the cleaners arrive to pick up toys, clothes, and dishes will help make sure they have time to get to the tasks you really hate. (IE: dusting, floors, baseboards, scrubbing toilets.)

Put your pets away

If you have aggressive pets, you should absolutely have a plan in place to keep the cleaning team safe when they arrive, but it’s also not a bad idea to keep your pets put away even if they are tame. Sometimes it’s the friendly pets that make it difficult for cleaners to do their job. It’s hard to clean when you have a loveable 40-pound golden retriever under your feet.

Prepare your cleaning team

Have special requests? Let them know! You can definitely leave a note for the cleaning team to let them know, but the most effective way to relay information is to contact your service directly. Most cleaning services have plans in place to relay information to their employees, so you don’t have to worry about them not seeing the note, or not realizing that it was left for them.

Prevent the potential for lock outs

It is so important to make sure that the cleaning service is able to access your home. Will you be home during the clean? Is there an alternate way for the team to get inside if you have to step out for a few minutes? If you’re signing up for recurring cleans, most services offer a key service. 

It’s definitely helpful to have a key on file for the team to use in case you aren’t home. Don’t forget to let them know if there is a gate code, alarm code, or any other special instructions. (IE: Turn the key to the left and lift the handle when you’re opening the front door because it sticks.)

Which house cleaners in Fort Collins should I hire?

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