Top 5 Ways to Combat Workplace Distractions

We all have those days at work when we can’t concentrate.  It’s normal to have these days every once in a while, but if they seem to happen too frequently, you may just need to cut down on the distractions immediately around you.

Here are 5 quick and easy ways to ditch the distractions at work, and stay focused.

Start the day off right.

Have you ever tried to concentrate when you are hungry?  They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it really is true.  You can actually prevent workplace distractions before you even leave the house.  Keep a stockpile of quick breakfast options so that you can grab and go on days when you don’t have a lot of time.

Exit the Internet.

Between Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, distractions are everywhere.  Put your phone on vibrate to keep notifications from going off while you are working, and resist the temptation to even open them on your desktop.  Just having them open increases the likelihood that you will absentmindedly end up scrolling through.  You don’t need to see what your ex-boyfriend’s sister had for lunch.  Just log out!

Give your brain a rest.

Staying focused takes a lot of brainpower.  Make sure that you take a few breaks during the day.  (Even if it’s just long enough to head to the break room for some cold water and a snack.)  Taking a second to stretch your legs can give you a fresh look at a project that you’re stuck on.

Spice up your Schedule.

No doubt about it.  Schedules are important.  They help keep you personally accountable for daily and weekly tasks.  The only downside is that you run the risk of falling into a monotonous routine that can leave you bored. Make a list of all of your tasks, and get in the habit of switching things up a bit to keep your workday interesting.

Clean it up.

Last, but certainly not least, clean up your desk.  This doesn’t just mean wiping down the surfaces, or having a professional maid service do it for you.  Perhaps one right here in Fort Collins.  (Hint, hint.)  It also means minimizing the amount of stuff you have on your desk in the first place.  If you don’t use it at least once a week, put it in a drawer.  Try to only keep a few personal items on your desk.

When it comes to minimizing distractions at work, even implementing one of these tactics will make a big difference in your workday.

What’s your favorite tip to keep workplace distractions at bay?  Leave us a comment to let us know!