Tools of the Trade – Microfiber for Natural Cleaning

Microfiber has literally revolutionized cleaning as we know it. Made from fibers 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, microfiber has unmatched scrubbing power, and is capable of removing 99% of bacteria on a surface using water alone. It attracts and traps dirt, dust, and bacteria in the cloth like a magnet, to be simply washed out later. Microfiber is highly absorbent, holding seven times its own weight in liquid, and is completely lint free, making it perfect for dusting and mirrors. Use dry for dusting, or wet for scrubbing.

Microfiber must be properly cared for to retain its unique properties. Wash separately from other fabrics in cold water, with no fabric softener.

Excellent, high quality microfiber cloths can be purchased in packs of 25 from Sam’s Club for $13. I recommend starting with two packages, and keeping a small waste basket under the sink to collect the used cloths in until you have enough to run a load of wash.