Tips to keep your whole family organized this school year!

Sadly, summer is passing us by and school is starting. For many a new school year isn’t just buying back-to-school gear and changing schools, especially for families on the go. A new school year means a change of schedule and order. Keep things in line by keeping it simple! RealSimple.com has a wonderful article with tips and tricks for making your busy school year much simpler. Here are some of my favorite tips to ensure your family has an easy transition this school year:

Before School

Motivate your kids to get out of bed!-  Make a new rule, the first person who is fully dressed and in the kitchen gets to choose what the whole family eats for breakfast (give a few choices, to avoid anything too extravagant or disgusting!)

Avoid the drama- does your little fashionista take up most of her morning in front of the closet? Avoid the drama by having her pick a weeks worth of clothing on Sunday! Hang the outfits on hangers according to the day of the week.

Don’t forget to brush those teeth!- Avoid sending your child back upstairs to brush their teeth last second! Stash an extra set of tooth brushes in the kitchen or hallway bathroom.

After school

Prevent muddy mess- Instead of tossing dirty shoes aside or in the closet, place a plastic serving tray by the front door to control clutter and prevent mud and puddles from ruining your floor or carpet.

Keep track of activities- Get a dry erase calendar and hang it in the family entryway. Assign each family member a color to easily keep track of daily/weekly activities and appointments.

Check out http://www.simplify101.com/kids-organization-tips/back-to-school-organizing-tips/ for more tricks & ideas!