3 Kits Every Home Needs

Three Things Every Home Needs: A Toolbox, A Gardening Box, and A Cleaning Kit

There’s not much more thrilling than earning the keys to your very own house, but once the honeymoon is over, it helps to have the tools to be able to take care of it. More than just a hammer and a tape measure, having a fully stocked toolbox can help you tackle any number of common issues that might crop up.

The same goes for a fully stocked garden kit and cleaning kit. Life tends to be kind of messy, so it’s a good idea to be equipped for tackling whatever messes come along.

What should go in a good toolbox?

  • Hammer – this is easy enough; if you want to hang big shelves, it’s a must
  • Level – for hanging pictures, but it comes in handy more than you’d think
  • Tape measure – helpful for spacing furniture and pictures
  • Small pry bar – there are so many situations where small pry bars are helpful
  • Multi-head Screwdriver – multitaskers are amazing, having one screwdriver that has multiple heads is very helpful
  • Crescent wrench – an adjustable multitasker
  • Regular pliers – helpful for holding nuts or bolts while you turn with the crescent wrench
  • Vice grips – helpful for gluing things together or holding things while you work
  • Needle-nose pliers – help with manipulating small objects, bending wire, etc.
  • A small battery-powered drill and set of drill bits
  • Magnetic flashlight – magnetic so you can have both hands available
  • Hand saw

What should go in a good gardening box?

  • A trowel (tiny shovel)
  • A weed tool
  • Small and large snips
  • Twine
  • High-quality garden gloves

What should go in a good cleaning kit?

  • A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (several, in fact!)
  • A washable duster
  • Two high-quality spray bottles
  • Several microfiber cloths
  • A pumice stone
  • A scrub brush
  • A sponge
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Rubbing alcohol

Other helpful newbie homeowner tools:

  • The biggest set of 3M command strips of all sorts – if we could have a do-over, it would be avoiding putting holes in the walls for every single picture.
  • An OveGlove – they’re crazy handy and helpful in all sorts of situations
  • A high-quality meat thermometer
  • A socket wrench that has sockets that match your bike seat and/or other common bolts you need to manipulate regularly.
  • WD-40 – when it doesn’t move but it should.
  • Superglue – when it moves but it shouldn’t.
  • Duct tape
  • Thread seal tape – stops leaky showerheads
  • A utility knife
  • A flat-blade scraper
  • A putty knife
  • An Exacto-knife

What else have you found that is a must-have tool or supply? Did you know that we also offer move-in and move-out cleaning services? Call us today to get them set up: (970) 215-2224

– Laura @ All Star Cleaning