The Big Purge – Reducing Clutter by Reducing Stuff

Most people just plain have too much stuff. Do you really need 12 potholders and two potato peelers? What about the book you read once 8 years ago (there is always the library,) the old VHS tapes filling your bookshelves (there is always Netflix,) or the shoes that hurt your feet too much to wear – but darn it if you didn’t spend $80 on them and they are cute! Sound familiar? As you sort through a lifetime of accumulated possessions, ask yourself:

1. Do I really love it?
2. Do I use it regularly?
3. Do I have more than I need?
4. Can it be easily replaced?
5. What is the worst thing that could happen if I get rid of it?

If it is not necessary to your daily life or something that has deep sentimental value to you, get rid of it. My favorite place to purge is http://www.freecycle.org.

Post it online, have someone pick it up off your doorstep, usually in the same day.

Another area most people could use to purge – the cleaning supplies cabinet! The average household has 20+ bottles of various cleaning concoctions, when really there are only four basic products needed to keep a house spic and span –
a good all-purpose
a scouring powder
a bottle of vinegar diluted with water.

For more information on making the switch to natural cleaning, book a free workshop through All Star Cleaning Services, or call about our free booklet.