How can I calm my nerves by cleaning my home

How to Reduce Stress by Having a Clean & Tidy Home

Untidiness and uncleanliness can negatively impact your psychological wellbeing. Clutter and mess can affect your focus, make you feel more anxious, and increase the level of stress in your household. That’s why it’s vital to try and keep your home as clean and tidy as possible at all times. Not just for the physical, but also your mental health.

Keeping your home clean and neat at all times can quickly become a tedious task that you just won’t have the time for. If you feel like that, it’s definitely best to hire a cleaning service in Fort Collins to get your home spotless. Here’s why that’s important. 

How can I calm my nerves by cleaning my home?

It’s no secret that having someone else clean for you can be a huge relief – we hear that all the time in our testimonials, like this one:

“Yesterday we had our house cleaned. I thought it was a nice treat given it was our anniversary. Treat was an understatement, it was life-changing! I was literally sick to my stomach yesterday thinking of inviting strangers into our disgusting home and allowing them to clean our filth (how vulnerable and embarrassing). 

I woke up this morning with such peace over me! Do you know what an amazing feeling it was to wake up to a clean home? To not fight with my kids about what they needed to clean up today just to keep our home running smoothly? I cannot thank All Star Cleaning Services enough!”

Cleaning isn’t just a luxury, it’s a mental health necessity. Let’s break down why: Study after study shows that your stress level has a lot to do with your environment. If your house is neat and tidy, you can actually focus better, be more productive, and stay calm in stressful situations that require more cognition.

Clutter causes conflict, whether with your kids or with your significant other. Having things in their own place removes unexpected stressors from your perception (your brain perceives clutter in the same way it perceives a coiled snake on the trail).

Why do we allow ourselves to fester in messes? We can’t afford this. With all the other stress from figuring out school, work, and life in general during COVID, there’s no more wiggle room. Our bandwidth is maxed out – and we’re not just talking about all the Zoom meetings!

Worse, chronic stress makes your immune system weaker, and if day after day the mess just keeps spreading around to new rooms, it’s time to think about hiring professionals to help you out with your household cleaning tasks. 

Who offers comprehensive cleaning services in Fort Collins?

Please don’t suffer through an unclean house – let All Star Cleaning Services of Fort Collins bring you some peace! We’re your go-to cleaning service in Fort Collins, and we are here to help you get to grips with your household chores any way we can. It doesn’t matter if your home is located near Horsetooth Reservoir, or at another location near Fort Collins – we’re here to help you out.

You can rely on us to keep your home clean on a regular basis and protect you from the many harmful allergens a dirty home can cause. We want to give your home a thorough cleaning that will ensure you and your family live in a clean, fresh, and healthy space. Just tell us what kind of house cleaning service would suit your needs best and we’ll handle everything else. Call us at (970) 215-2224 and schedule an appointment.