Guide to Keeping Your House Clean With Pets

Is it possible to have a clean house with pets?

Pets are surely one of the most cherished family members. However, no matter how much people love their furry friends, most pet owners have an overwhelming task – regular maintenance.

Many people probably wonder if having a sparkling house despite keeping pets is feasible. As you might expect, a lot of people opt for a comprehensive maid service in Loveland for this particular reason. Continue reading this article to find out how you can keep your house unblemished with your beloved friends.

Is it possible to have a clean house with pets?

How often should you clean a house with pets?

This may seem to be an impossible mission, but it’s actually very attainable with a good maintenance routine. Here are some useful tips for achieving this goal!

1. Obtain a powerful vacuum cleaner

Pets are as demanding as kids when it comes to maintenance standards. Shedding is common among cats and dogs and having hair all over the place is a common sight for pet owners. That’s why you need to get a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction to collect all this hair, and clean the filter regularly.

When it comes to furniture, you can rub sofas and armchairs with latex gloves to pick up the hair from upholstery because fur stays on gloves.

2. Mop the floor and wipe your pet’s paws before entering the house

If you have a dog, you need to take it for a walk twice every day, which means that you should mop the floor, so that the dirt doesn’t get scattered around the house. This is inevitable since they love playing, running, and rolling and they get dirty easily. One way of reducing the time spent on mopping is to wipe your dog’s paws before you enter the house. This method will help you keep the house sanitary, too.

3. Use wet wipes and a protective cover

Dusting and vacuuming are hard enough even without pets. If you want to remove the dust, dirt, and hair from the surfaces that are hard to reach, using wet wipes should do the trick.

No one is eager to waste their weekends on deep cleaning. If you want to avoid endless vacuuming and scrubbing, cover your furniture with a decorative blanket or some other covering to ward off the hair and dirt. When it comes to protecting your floor, carpet tiles are always a good choice. They are practical because you can wash them easily or replace them if you can’t remove stubborn stains and spills.

How often should you clean a house with pets?

That depends on the kind of animal that you keep as a pet. If you have a dog or a cat, you should vacuum at least two times a week and mop the floor every day. Make sure to empty the litter box regularly and wipe the surfaces that are exposed to the hair.

As for birds and reptiles, the upkeep tempo can vary, but you should always keep a cage or vivarium clean because your pets might get an infection if they are not sanitary.

Which maid service in Loveland can I turn to?

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