Egg-ceptional Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Check out these 5 ways to make your Easter egg hunt unique!

  1. Color Hunt

Before you hide the eggs, choose a color for each child.  Post a list with each child’s name and their specific color.  This will make sure that one child doesn’t end up with all of the eggs, and also means that you can fill the eggs with age-appropriate items.

  1. Night Hunt

A fun twist on the classic Easter morning hunt is the night hunt.  This can be done the night before Easter, or on Easter night.  Paint the eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint and give the kids flashlights.  You can also use small glow sticks inside of plastic eggs, as these often put off a little more light.

  1. List Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt using specific clues that will guide the kids to the hidden eggs, or you can just list off specific combinations of colors or designs of eggs that they should look for.  Maybe have them each find 5 green eggs, 3 purple eggs, and 1 golden egg.

  1. Nix the Sugar

Easter egg hunts don’t have to be all about sweets.  Consider adding small toys, stickers, and coins instead of chocolate and candy.  Plus, unlike chocolate, bouncy balls and matchbox cars won’t leave you with sticky kids running around like sugar-filled banshees.

  1. Crafty Ideas

Set up several “activity stations” around your yard.  As the kids find a certain number of eggs, say 5, they get to move to the next craft area.  Choose activities like a craft to decorate a bunny mask, a sack or egg race, and spring inspired birdhouses.

Do you have any traditions that make your Easter egg hunt stand out from the crowd?