All Star Cleaning Client Review – Cindy

Hi, my name is Cindy. My husband and I are customers of All Star Cleaning. We both work full time. We lead very busy lives. We have two precious dogs, who we consider our kids. We’ve never brought in people to clean our home before when somebody wasn’t here because of our dogs; we are so protective of them. So when we noticed All Star Cleaning in our neighborhood we did a little research we found out their great reputation. We saw the reviews that the company got we decided to take a shot. And here’s what we found: we found that this company not only spends quality time cleaning this home in a way that is so beautiful and provides a such peace of mind to come home to, but we also found out that they were greeting our dogs, giving them time at the beginning of their time in our home so that our dogs were calm. They were giving them a treat and calling them by name. We knew from that that this company was the right company for our home. We have thoroughly appreciated the level of respect that this company has shown by the products that they use, especially as this country is going through such trauma right now with the coronavirus. This company takes the time to clean our home in a way that they would do the same for their own and that means everything to us. So it is an easy recommendation that my husband and I could give to say All Star Cleaning is a great company.