A Product Review of Force of Nature Cleaner

A Product Review of Force of Nature Cleaner

Getting your hands on your favorite disinfectant right now can be kind of tricky. Not everybody has the time to visit 3-4 stores to check inventory. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make your own from the comfort of your own home?

We’ve talked about recipes for disinfectants before, but safe and effective spray disinfectants are typically going to be smelly or have a very long contact time and don’t disinfect universally.

Force of Nature works through converting tap water along with pre-measured capsules of salt and vinegar into electrolyzed water, which forms hypochlorous acid and a very small amount of sodium hydroxide over the span of about 10 minutes.

You fill up the Electrolyzer with tap water, pour in one of the pre-measured capsules, press the button on the front, and 10 minutes later you get 12 ounces of safe and effective spray disinfectant you can pour into the reusable plastic spray bottle.

So how does it work?

We tried it in a variety of ways – as a glass cleaner, as a deodorizer, and as a general surface scrub.

As a Glass Cleaner – Force of Nature was pretty effective at cleaning dirt and dust off of surfaces, including glass. Making sure that the glass was totally dry (there isn’t any alcohol to speed up drying time) is a must to make sure there aren’t streaks or anything else. If allowed to dry in place, Force of Nature left a thin opaque film, so it’s definitely worth wiping dry.

As a Deoderizer – Force of Nature truly shines as a deodorizer. From stinky trashcans to frequently-used bathrooms to mildewy rags to workout clothes… every single surface that was sprayed well with Force of Nature passed the sniff-test and was odor-free after drying. When sprayed, Force of Nature has a slight and short-lived swimming pool smell (not bleach).

As a Surface Scrub – Force of Nature did a reasonably good job removing grease and food gunk when soaked to saturation and allowed to sit for a few minutes. On surfaces that started out clean but had slight soap scum or other light gunk, Force of Nature did a great job removing it. Thicker gunk required an application of baking soda spray first to act as an abrasive.

All in all, since the starter kit costs about $56, it’s a bit of a pricy investment for just the 5 12oz bottles you can make. Add $20 for 25 additional activator capsules (each of which makes a bottle of cleaner that lasts about 2 weeks) and you bring the “per bottle” cost down to $2.53, which is pretty cheap comparatively. Ounce to ounce, Force of Nature does tend to cost less than other multi-surface spray cleaners (especially compared to similar disinfectants).

Given that many of our clients like us to leave a “clean smell” behind (usually a nature-inspired essential oil spritz), you may find yourself reaching for a scented all-surface cleaner… but in terms of things that can deodorize and degunk and disinfect all in one package, this is a winner with the added bonus that it can effectively remove multiple single-use plastic bottles from under your sink.

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– Laura @ All Star Cleaning