7 Tips for an Organized Home

  1. Keep a donation box in an easily accessible place at all times (mine is right by the door in my garage.) When it gets full, drop it off and start a new one.
  2. Keep a set of basic cleaning supplies (all purpose, scouring power, soap) in every bathroom and in the kitchen, and a stash of cleaning rags. You’re more likely to do a quick wipe if you don’t have to walk downstairs for the spray cleaner!
  3. Designate a shelf in your refrigerator specifically for leftovers and nothing else to prevent them from getting lost in the back and turning into science experiments.
  4. Conquer your paperwork piles once and for all – a good desktop scanner + Evernote will change your life!
  5. Reuse bread ties to label your cords, and twist-ties to corral them!
  6. Store folded sheet sets inside of one of the pillowcases, to keep them together and keep your linen closet tidy.