7 Creative Ideas for Organizing Your Child's Toys

If you have children then you most likely have toys in almost every room of your house. Also, you are probably familiar with the routine of going room to room picking up (or stepping on!) random toy objects with no idea where to set them down (without adding to more toy hysteria).  In this blog I have a few solutions that help ease the clutter and even organize your child’s’ toys, no matter the location!

  1. Old rinsed out soup cans (with smooth edges) make great storage spaces for crayons, markers, colored pencils and more!
  2. Apply a magnetic strip to your wall (you can buy stick on adhesive magnetic strips that can easily be removed without hurting your wall) to stick all of your child’s toy cars/other magnetic toys
  3. Hang garden baskets on the wall to store stuffed animals, makes for a cute display as well!
  4. Use an old spice rack as a book shelf! You don’t necessarily  have to keep all of your child’s books in one place, place these throughout the house to have books readily available to read (and put away)
  5. Ultimate toy organizer-over the door shoe holder. Oh the opportunities! If you like to keep things organized, great! the multiple deep pockets are good for many uses, but if you are like me it is just extra space to place randoms toys that are on the floor, and easy to hide behind the closet door!
  6. Built-in storage space. A window seat with storage is nice, yes, but built-in-storage doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Browse Pinterest.com  for endless DIY hideaway storage ideas for your whole house!
  7. Clothes Hamper/Tub. Purchasing a few clothes hampers could be very wise investment. Purchasing a large, wide/tall clothes hamper and placing it in the corner of your living room/den allows you/your child to keep/dump random large toys such as stuffed animals, toy balls and bats, etc. (tip: purchase a clear or mesh type of hamper, so your child doesn’t end up dumping the whole thing out just to find barbie)

I wish I had a solution for keeping Legos in control, I am still working on that one 😉