5 Useful Mess-Preventing Gadgets

5 Useful Mess-Preventing Gadgets

I really dislike junking up homes with uni-tasker gadgets that solve a small problem by creating clutter – instead, I’d so much rather have a multitasker that can be reused over and over again in different ways. Here are some of the best I’ve seen from our customers:

  1. 3M Velcro tabs on dish soap bottles
    • Dish soap bottles fall over constantly (especially when they’re almost empty and you have to store them upside down to get the last of the soap out)… to solve this, get a reusable, refillable dish soap bottle and attach a 3M Velcro tab to one of the sides and the other side of the Velcro tab to your backsplash. Because the 3M tabs are removable, if they get gunky you can take them off to clean and put them back – and it keeps your bottle from tipping over, falling into the sink, and making more of a mess!
  2. Stackable Gladware for office supplies
    • Office supplies have a habit of sprawling like crazy. Rubber bands, paper clips, spare change, you name it. Rather than store your leftovers in Gladware, consider investing in a set that is stackable to keep on your desk and/or junk drawer. Modular storage like this makes it easy to move supplies around for projects, reorganize, or repurpose as needed.
  3. Mesh laundry bags to wrangle stray stuffed animals
    • Mesh laundry bags (especially travel-sized ones) are really helpful for little ones to see what’s inside, keep favorite toys handy, carry them around in a lightweight package, and provide a one-stop cleanup spot for toys or stuffed animals at the end of the day.
  4. Reusable spice containers
    • From messy crafting supplies to actual spices, reusable and refillable spice containers are amazing multitaskers. You can even consolidate old spices you’re almost out of into a potentially tasty new blend (although the advent of spice shops mean you can probably get your existing empty spice containers refilled, too!)
  5. Magazine holders
    • Magazine holders are very useful for containing your mail, random documents, schoolwork, toy car tracks, scrap paper or wood, long flat Lego boards, placemats, napkins, bagged cereal or snack packs, and so much more. If whatever needs to be stored needs to be accessible and lightweight for little hands, a magazine holder is a really good answer.

What other awesome multitaskers do you use in your home? Let us know – and if you want some personalized tips while we help you keep your home clean, call us today: (970) 215-2224

– Laura @ All Star Cleaning