5 Places you Should Vacuum (Besides your Floor.)

Imagine a life where your only purpose in life is picking up dirt off a floor.  Doesn’t seem very exciting, right?  That’s how it feels to be your vacuum!

Spice up your vacuum’s life by giving him some variety!  Here’s a quick list of 5 places around your home that you should be vacuuming!


Between pets and toddlers, our couches tend to attract everything from clumps of dog hair to crushed up goldfish crackers.  A vacuum will suck it all right up, plus, it leaves the same aesthetically appealing vacuum lines that it leaves on the floor.


I’m not advising that you suck up all of the soot and ash leftover from winter, but you should consider vacuuming the wood, stone, or bricks around your fireplace.  These can really gather some dust, and since vacuums have extensions and attachments, they make a fantastic enemy for fireplace dust.


It doesn’t’ take long for dust to settle on your baseboards. When you have kids, you probably spend most of your time wiping… noses.  It’s probably been a while since you’ve wiped your baseboards.  You guessed it; it’s the vacuum to the rescue again!  Run your vacuum along the baseboards to remove most of the buildup.  Then do a quick swipe with a microfiber and you’re all done!


Vacuums really know their way around a kitchen.  If you haven’t deep cleaned the inside of your cabinets and drawers lately, a vacuum makes a great helper!  You’ll still need to wipe any spills with a damp cloth, but the vacuum will snatch up all of the crumbs without them ending up on your floor.  (Where you’d eventually have to vacuum them up anyway.)

Door/Window Tracks

That track at the bottom of patio doors and windows tend to swallow up truckloads of dirt.  (Where does all of that dirt even come from?  Do my kids just shove sand in there when I’m not looking?)  Open up the windows, use an old chopstick to loosen the dirt, and vacuum up the clumps as you go.

Vacuums aren’t just for floors anymore, but how about giving your vacuum a vacation?  Keep your vacuum from going on strike by hiring a Windsor cleaning service like All Star Cleaning Services.

What’s your favorite “outside the box” way to use your vacuum?  Leave us a comment to let us know!