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4 Ways to Accomplish More During your Day

We all know those days when we feel like we didn’t even begin to make a dent in our to do list.  Sometimes there just “aren’t enough hours in the day.”


While it’s likely that we are being too hard on ourselves, and there really aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the mound of work that we expect of ourselves, there are ways to accomplish more with a little strategic planning.  


Here are 4 ways to get more out of your day!


Plan outfits the night before.  

Let’s face it.  Decisions aren’t fun during that early-morning grog.  Save yourself the trouble by laying out your outfit the night before.  This is a habit that you have to develop, but once you do, your mornings will be much smoother.


Even better than pre-planning your outfits, get the whole family on board.  Imagine a world when no one is yelling, “where is my blue shirt with the white stripes?  It’s blue shirt day at school today, and I just have to have my blue shirt with the white stripes!  I have to or I’ll just die!”  #teenagers.  


Become a crockpot queen.

If you haven’t checked out the plethora of crockpot recipes on Pinterest lately, you’re missing out.  You can now find a recipe to make practically anything with your crockpot!  The best way to make things run smoothly is to do your prep work the night before so that you can just toss everything in.  (This will seriously change your entire day.)


Write down 3 things you want to accomplish during your day.

This doesn’t mean you can only get 3 things done during the day, it just means that you aren’t overwhelming yourself from the get go.  Once those 3 things are crossed off your list you will feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing that anything else you get done is just gravy.  This will actually give you motivation to get even more done!


Hire a Fort Collins cleaning service.   

If you’re one of those people who love to clean, then maybe you should clean when you get home from work to unwind… If you’re like the rest of us, maybe you’ll want to come home to a spotless house with a crockpot full of delicious dinner and well-behaved children like busy little bees doing their homework. (One can dream.)  Let All Star Cleaning Service handle that cleaning for you!  


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How do you get more done in your day?  Leave us a comment to let us know you’re secret!

The Perfect Beach or Pool Day Survival Kit

With the lazy days of summer upon us, there’s no better way to celebrate sunshine and warm weather than with a trip to the sandy shores of a local beach or to a splashy pool playground. If you need a beach bag overhaul, we’ve got some products to take to your local water retreat. Here are some must-have products for your complete beachside, lakeside or poolside kit:


Sunscreen Balm

This new sun protectant from Palmer’s protects the skin, is water resistant and offers nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter.


Hawaiian Tropic After Sun

A new addition to the HT product line, this silky hydrating lotion offers 24 hours of moisture for skin that has been soaked in the sun. As an added bonus, it helps extend the life of a tan.


Softlips Protectant

Give those parched lips some hydration with this vanilla scented SPF 20 lip conditioning balm.


Hair Reviving Spray

Perfect for thirsty starved strands, this spray is great for conditioning hair back to health after salty seas or chlorinated pools.


Baby Wipes

Perfect for wiping messy mouths or dirty hands, these natural and hydrating baby wipes are a must for any beach bag.


Fanciful Water Bottle

Enjoy the spirit of summer with a decorated water bottle dedicated to the fun and frivolity of warm days and pool parties. Drinkware with flip-flops is almost a necessity.

Need to have more free time to enjoy some summer relaxation? Hire our maid service at All Star Cleaning in Northern Colorado and put some time back into your life! Call us today!

5 Tips to Get Your Home Party Perfect

Hosting a holiday function, birthday party or just having people over for a game night or dinner can cause a serious case of stress, but with a little creativity and gumption it won’t be arduous to transform your home. The goal is to make it clean, shiny and presentable. Straightening up the house in anticipation of a big gathering will motivate you to clean. Here are five ways to get your house party prepared:


  1. Find a home for everything-Brooms need a spot. Books need a shelf. Blenders need a cabinet. Everything in sight should have a spot for storage. When in doubt, buy wicker baskets to house miscellaneous items and utilize hidden areas (drawers, cabinets and ottomans) for items that don’t need to be on display.
  2. Sweep, wipe and dust-Get bathrooms ready by cleaning mirrors, wiping floors and tending to the sink. Shine up windows and countertops and dust the television and cabinets.
  3. Clear clutter-Remove any non-essentials from rooms to leave a polished and mingle-ready zone. Store fragile items and straighten the coat closet for guests.
  4. Kitchen scrub down-Prepare the kitchen for a party by assessing and cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the cooktop and other surfaces and organizing the pantry.
  5. Touch-ups-Add extra party zest with fresh flowers, scented candles and ALWAYS have appetizers or finger food ready.


Need help with a pre-party clean? Contact our cleaning crew in Fort Collins, Colorado to have your home looking celebration-worthy. All Star Cleaning Services will make your house party central!


4 Celebrities with a Cleaning Addiction

No one can forget Monica’s clean-obsessed character on the television show Friends; the super neat-nick Monica Geller was so committed to cleaning that she was even wiping kitchen countertops in her wedding dress and always dealt with stress by binge cleaning. While her character was a bit over the top, many celebrities including Courtney Cox (who played Monica) love the thrill of a good cleaning session. Here are four celebrities who thrive on all things spick-and-span:


1.) Kim Kardashian-Dubbed the ‘Queen of the Closet Organizing Scene’ Kim K used to have a high-end successful closet organizing business prior to her successful television show and pop culture icon status. Kim has said that organizing and decluttering her closet is the perfect way to spend a night at home.


2.) Courtney Cox-Known for straightening items on the set of her TV show Cougar Town, Cox loves a good cleaning challenge. Reportedly a bit of a minimalist and architecture and art buff, Cox loves keeping her home super neat and tidy.


3.) Gisele Bundchen-A newfound hobby after having children, Bundchen loves to nest and keep a clean home. Called a “clean freak” by some, she loves to scrub and deep clean is reportedly obsessed with germs and warding off infections with diligent cleaning.


4.) Gwyneth Paltrow-Regularly receiving attention for her health detox cleansing lifestyle and philosophies, Paltrow loves sharing her advice and wisdom on her website Goop. She also loves regularly editing her closet and avoids shaking hands with other people because of trepidation about germs and bacteria. Paltrow is also a fan of Colloidal silver sprays for traveling and avoiding illness while on airplanes or in crowded areas.


If you don’t’ have the passion for cleaning like these celebrities, why not leave the cleaning chores to the professionals? Call us in Fort Collins at: (970) 215-2224 or Loveland at: (970) 612-8772.


Egg-ceptional Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Check out these 5 ways to make your Easter egg hunt unique!

  1. Color Hunt

Before you hide the eggs, choose a color for each child.  Post a list with each child’s name and their specific color.  This will make sure that one child doesn’t end up with all of the eggs, and also means that you can fill the eggs with age-appropriate items.

  1. Night Hunt

A fun twist on the classic Easter morning hunt is the night hunt.  This can be done the night before Easter, or on Easter night.  Paint the eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint and give the kids flashlights.  You can also use small glow sticks inside of plastic eggs, as these often put off a little more light.

  1. List Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt using specific clues that will guide the kids to the hidden eggs, or you can just list off specific combinations of colors or designs of eggs that they should look for.  Maybe have them each find 5 green eggs, 3 purple eggs, and 1 golden egg.

  1. Nix the Sugar

Easter egg hunts don’t have to be all about sweets.  Consider adding small toys, stickers, and coins instead of chocolate and candy.  Plus, unlike chocolate, bouncy balls and matchbox cars won’t leave you with sticky kids running around like sugar-filled banshees.

  1. Crafty Ideas

Set up several “activity stations” around your yard.  As the kids find a certain number of eggs, say 5, they get to move to the next craft area.  Choose activities like a craft to decorate a bunny mask, a sack or egg race, and spring inspired birdhouses.

Do you have any traditions that make your Easter egg hunt stand out from the crowd?


5 Things to do Before Your House Cleaner Arrives

Prepare Yourself:  Every cleaning company is a little different.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  You want to make sure that you are on the same page as your cleaning service, and you don’t want to end up expecting things to be done if they are not offered by your service.  Check out the company’s website, send them a quick email, or give them a call if you aren’t sure if they provide certain services like laundry, organization, or outdoor cleanup.


Pick Up:  It would be completely crazy for you to clean your house before your cleaning service arrives, but if your house is disorganized or your kitchen counters are stacked with dirty dishes, your cleaning service is going to do less “cleaning” and more picking up.  Most of us hire a cleaning service to do all of those tasks that we hate doing.  Taking 30 minutes before the cleaners arrive to pick up toys, clothes, and dishes will help make sure they have time to get to the tasks you really hate.  (IE: dusting, floors, baseboards, scrubbing toilets.)


Put Away Pets:  If you have aggressive pets, you should absolutely have a plan in place to keep the cleaning team safe when they arrive, but it’s also not a bad idea to keep your pets put away even if they are tame.  Sometimes it’s the friendly pets that make it difficult for cleaners to do their job.  It’s hard to clean when you have a loveable 40-pound golden retriever under your feet.


Prepare Your Team:  Have special requests?  Let them know!  You can definitely leave a note for the cleaning team to let them know, but the most effective way to relay information is to contact your service directly.  Most cleaning services have plans in place to relay information to their employees, so you don’t have to worry about them not seeing the note, or not realizing that it was left for them.


Prevent Lock Outs:  It is so important to make sure that the cleaning service is able to access your home.  Will you be home during the clean?  Is there an alternate way for the team to get inside if you have to step out for a few minutes?  If you’re signing up for recurring cleans, most services offer a key service.  It’s definitely helpful to have a key on file for the team to use in case you aren’t home.  Don’t forget to let them know if there is a gate code, alarm code, or any other special instructions.  (IE: Turn the key to the left and lift the handle when you’re opening the front door because it sticks.)

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a spotless house (that you didn’t have to clean.)   If you follow these quick tips, you’ll be ready to experience the wonderful world of hiring a professional cleaning service.

DIY scented pumice handsoap!

I came across a wonderful LYE-free DIY recipe for pumice soap! For those who do not spa soap_ExtraSmallknow what pumice is, it is a volcanic rock that is commonly used as an abrasive (for scrubbing toilets and cleaning ovens and cleaning hands/removing dead skin, etc..) It works wonderfully to get dirt and grime off of your hands after working in the garden, changing your oil, or cleaning the house!

Below is a recipe for basic pumice soap, you may add your choice of nourishing oil and fragrance to make it your own!
What you need:
1 1/2 cups grated white unscented natural or castile soap
1/2 cup pumice (or oatmeal, crushed almonds, etc)
2 tablespoons honey
2 teaspoons almond oil (or any nourishing oil of your choice)
5ml-15ml essential oils or fragrance

Here is what you do: grate soap in a heat resistant glass bowl adding 1/4 cup of water. DO NOT STIR! stirring adds too many air bubbles in your mix. Place heat resistant bowl in a pot of simmering water, until your soap melts. After your soap is completely melted, remove from heat and add remaining ingredients. Fold ingredients in very gently, as you would when baking, careful not to add any bubbles. Next you will pour your soap into mold of your choice, tapping the sides gently to release any air bubbles. Place in fridge to set.
*important note, after soap is set enough to release from mold, place it on cooling rack to dry fully (may take up to 3 weeks to fully cure)
Cut and wrap in cute papers to store away for future use, or to give away as gifts!