The Busy Mom’s Guide to Minivan Detailing

No doubt about it.  You’re busy.  With a jam-packed schedule, it doesn’t take long for your vehicle to start to accumulate some serious excess baggage.  


Here’s how to revamp your mom-mobile in 7 simple steps!


Step 1: Gather anything that doesn’t belong

Your mom-mobile is likely littered with tiny empty packages of goldfish crackers and juice boxes.  Gather any trash and separate out what you can recycle.  (Yay for the earth!)  Toss everything that needs to go inside the house into a laundry basket, or use separate laundry baskets for everyone in the family so you don’t have to sort through it later.


Step 2: Remove any dust/dirt/crumbs

It’s written in the stars that dirt and tiny french fry crumbs are going to gather in the seams of your seat cushions.  Use a small soft-bristled brush to loosen any crumbs and vacuum them away.  Use a paintbrush to remove any dust from around the radio knobs and air vents.  


Step 3: Clean your dash and door panels

Spot-check your vinyl with a magic eraser. Between soccer cleat scuffs and sticky juice splatters, you’re probably going to need to magically erase every visible surface.  Wipe everything down with a wet microfiber cloth and then follow with a dry microfiber.  


Step 4: Identify and extinguish any unwanted odors

Did someone hide an apple in between the seats, or is there a gym sock stuffed in the air vent?  Either way, check and replace your cabin’s air filter and sprinkle baking soda on the floor boards to leave your car smelling fresh and oh so clean.


Step 5: Wash your windows

Spray a vinegar/water mixture on your windows and buff away with crumpled newspaper to prevent streaks. Easy Peasy.


Step 6: Clean your floor mats.

Hang your mats, and spray them with a high-pressure hose from top to bottom.  You will actually see the dirt and debris melting out of the fibers.  (It’s pretty amazing/slightly gross to watch.)  Once the water starts to run clear, squeegee as much water out as possible and leave the mats in the sun to dry.  Make sure they are completely dry before you put them back in your car.


Step 7: Vacuum…  Vacuum everything.

Yes, everything.  Vacuuming is the most tedious part, probably because it is the most important part.  Use a soft bristle attachment to go over your dash, radio, console, and door panels to make sure that no dust is left behind.  Then, vacuum your seats and floors.


Once your floor mats are dry, put them back in your car and enjoy your completed car transformation!  If you would like your car to stay clean forever, lock the doors and never let your children back inside.  Just kidding…  


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Do you have a trick you use when you detail your car?  Leave us a comment to let us know!