How to Emergency Clean Your House without Losing Your Mind

If your home has reached dirt disaster levels off the charts and you’ve got surprise houseguests dropping by in a few hours, it could be time to panic. Since there’s nothing more stressful and frightening than having to do an emergency cleaning session with little or no warning, we’ve got tips to cover you when you’re on a cleaning stopwatch.


Here are tips to make your last-minute rushed cleaning job more manageable:


Skip the Sobbing

While it might be tempting to procrastinate, grab a bottle of wine and sit back and play solitaire on the computer for a few more minutes before going into maid mode—this is not advisable. It’s best to start tackling the heaps and piles of clutter right away. A little procrastination can lead to more procrastination and then nothing will get accomplished.


Corral Cleaning Supplies

No need to make excuse to run to Target and browse the aisles for new cleaning solutions and magic potions. Start with a multi-purpose cleaner, a sponge and pair of rubber gloves and you’re off to the races.


Take out the Trash

Emptying trashcans can be the first step to a cleaner and homier oasis. Empty all recycling, trash cans, mail and clutter that’s easy and simple to toss and you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle more tedious tasks.


Fix Flat Surfaces

After tackling the trash, press on to dealing with all flat surfaces like countertops, tables, dressers and TV cabinets. Simply clear off the clutter and wipe them down. Since there’s limited time at hand, there won’t be any mega organization or sorting efforts.


Concentrate on the Floors, Kitchen and Bathroom

Follow up the flat surface cleaning session by removing clothing eruptions on the floor and finding a spot for them in the laundry. Tidy up the kitchen by doing a quick cleaning session on the floor with a mop or broom and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Next, head to the bathrooms and make them sparkle and gleam with a bit of elbow grease, a good toilet brush cleaner and some multi-purpose spray for sinks and tubs.


Pick Up

Do a final walk through and pick up any random clothing, shoes, tools, books or other miscellaneous items. Take a breath and have a quick shower before guests arrive. Phew!


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