Free Natural Cleaning Workshops

iStock_000008506568XSmall-294x300We offer completely free workshops on natural cleaning to any group of 5 or more who would like to book one. This is a public education outreach effort on behalf of All Star Cleaning Services, but will not be about our company or a sales presentation for it. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why you should make the switch to natural- health benefits, allergies, chemical sensitivity issues, environmental impact, etc.
  • How to go about making the switch- what to do with all those old products lurking beneath the sink.
  • What products to use – store bought or homemade? Brand reviews and recommendations, recipes and more!
  • Tips, tricks, and solutions from an industry expert.

All participants will receive a booklet on Natural Cleaning, a sample bottle of all-purpose cleaner, and a special microfiber cleaning cloth. Workshops last approximately an hour, but can be adjusted depending on the amount of time your group wishes to allocate and audience participation.

Perfect for:

  • Mom’s Groups
  • Church Groups
  • PTAs
  • Work Groups

Give us a call to book your group’s workshop today at 970.215.2224 or email for more information.