Who is Cleaning Your Home?

Hiring a cleaning service has a funny feel to it for a lot of people. In what other circumstance would you invite a stranger into your home, hand them a key to your house and your credit card number, and arrange for them to return next when you are away at work? Yeah, we understand it is a little awkward. Although it does help if the person you invite in isn’t entirely a stranger.


iStock_000009544532XSmallWe invite you to take a few minutes and get to know us before you pick up the phone. Because you should know – who is cleaning your home?


Meet our ALL STARS – get to know the people who will be caring for your home


Meet All Star Cleaning Services’ founder Laura Smith – and read the story of why All Star was founded


Learn more about our affiliation with Cleaning for a Reason – we clean for free for women undergoing treatment for cancer


Learn more about the natural green house cleaning products we use – and why we believe in them